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Simple SEO tips to help your local business rank higher on Google

One of the best ways to make your website work for your business is through search engine optimisation – it’s integral to ensure that you are doing all that you can to give your site the best chance of being found on Google and other search engines.

Content is King – or Queen!

The originality of the content on your website is key – this gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise in your industry. Whilst this doesn’t have to be state of the art by any means it’s better to strive to make your content on your site stand out and be as targeted as possible, honing in on a particular area if possible.


Write for humans first, then search engines after. You may have heard of using keywords for search engine optimisation but it’s crucial that you don’t allow your content’s quality to suffer trying to unnaturally fit these in.  


Web Design and User Experience

Since search engines like Google are keen to promote the best websites to the top, the actual web design and layout are of massive importance. If your website is poorly laid out or designed your visitors are likely to abandon their visit quickly. Google picks up on this meaning that you will be penalised for a substandard UX (user experience)


There are many factors that need to be considered – everything from responsiveness across various devices i.e. mobile, to having headings that distinguish from core page content. If you’re not sure whether your website is ticking all the right boxes for SEO it may be worth seeking professional advice, even if only for clarification purposes.


Social Media and Backlinking

Social media is a fantastic way to boost your brand and build trust with your potential customer as well as enhance SEO efforts. This is the prime place to share your well written content and gain a following.


A backlink is similar to a citation and the use of backlinks is one of the best ways to search engine optimise your website. It’s important to note that for this to work you should be linking to other sites that have already got a great deal of credibility and trust attached to them. Similarly you also need to ensure that the links included within your content has relevance to your industry – not simply a tick-box exercise.


Originally posted May 21 2018


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