What is Google AdWords/PPC?

Google Adwords is a cost-effective way of advertising on the world’s leading search engine. We ensure that your site appears on the first page of Google search results by bidding on key phrases within your industry and target markets. Google Adwords allows you to reach customers at the exact moment they’re searching for your services – increasing your sales and attracting more site visitors.

We make the process easy by setting up your ads and continually optimising them for maximum ROI.

Each month we agree a budget with you, then our Google certified experts get to work researching keywords, targeting your ideal customers and building your unique PPC campaign. Our ads are put together with conversion in mind, by attracting customers that are already at the buying stage of their journey.

Each week we report back to you on how your ads are doing and every month you’ll meet with your dedicated account manager to discuss and explain the next steps in your PPC optimisation. Our in-depth tracking and analysis ensures that our service just keeps on improving!

Remarketing & Display Targeting

Ever searched for something online, then seen it popping up again afterwards? That’s remarketing!

We remarket to your potential customers for 30 days after they’ve visited your site. This works by displaying adverts on the Google Display Network around the web – with the aim of boosting sales and generating more enquiries.

Our promise

We’re so confident in our service that we don’t believe in contracts or locked in price plans. We work month by month to ensure that your site and PPC ads are performing to the best of their ability, with a budget to suit you.

Get instant results today!

How do we do it?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a cost-effective way of advertising on search engines. The return on investment is normally from month one and the optimisation work we do will improve the ROI each month. You only ever pay when someone clicks on your website.

Improve quality

We improve your quality score by making changes to your site & ads so your paid search campaign is constantly working for you.

Keyword analysis

We undertake competitor and keyword analysis to ensure that you’re standing out and grabbing the best keywords in your market.

Ad Comparisons

We run several different ads to your site to see which perform best

Negative keyword listing

We utilise negative keyword listing (over 3000 negative keywords) to ensure you’re not paying for wasted clicks.

IP Blocking

We ensure you’re not paying for repeat or fraudulent clicks by blocking the IP addresses of people who’ve previously clicked on your ads.

Campaign Optimisation

We constantly monitor your campaign and take an agile approach, moving budget or pausing campaigns to ensure your budget is maximised.

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