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My First Week As a Digital Marketing Apprentice

I decided I wanted to do Digital Marketing when studying Business at A Level and the Marketing module really interested me. I really like the idea of using my own ideas to promote either a product or a service.

My first week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice started with watching a motivational video. Here at Trio Media we watch a motivational video every Monday morning, to help us get motivated for the week ahead. Everyone who works here believes that anything is possible and that creates an extremely positive and comfortable environment within the work place. I then got a tour around the workplace by Sara who is Head of Digital Accounts. The first thing I learnt at Trio Media is how to use a programme called Hootsuite. This is a social media management system which helps to manage multiple social media network channels. Once a website is created by us, we offer to look after our client’s marketing activity, which sometimes includes social media and Hootsuite is how we manage to do that. I then got asked to draft up a few possible posts which we could schedule to post during my first week and send them to Kelly, Digital Marketing Manager here to look over before I posted them on to Hootsuite.

I started to post the social media posts on to Hootsuite and schedule them for each day throughout the week. It is so easy to use, and I picked up on it straight away.

In the afternoon we made dream boards, a dream board is a board which you cut and stick images on of what you would like to achieve within a certain time-period, which, we decided would be 3 years, we then presented our dream boards so that we could share with each other what we wanted to achieve over the next 3 years.

My dream board was mainly about saving up enough money to buy a house and a car, my dream car being the Range Rover Evoque! I also want to be able to save up enough money for a holiday to Australia, because I am interested in Rugby League and that is Australia’s national sport, so it would be nice to watch a game while I am over there.

I created a LinkedIn account and started building my profile by putting previous jobs on to it and writing a little biography about myself, I started connecting with people to help build my connections in our industry. My next task was to create a leaflet for one of our clients to promote their services and products, with help from Kelly, I managed to create a good structured leaflet which had the correct balance of information and still looked creative. During this exercise I learnt that a leaflet didn’t have to have countless amounts of information, in fact you don’t need to have much information at all, you just need to give a basic idea of the services that the company offers and make it pleasing on the eye as well as ‘snappy’.

Towards the end of my first week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I was trained on a programme called SEMrush. SEM rush is an agency suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. I was trained specifically to find profitable keywords for our clients. Keywords are search terms used on Google and that’s how we rank businesses higher on Google by finding the best keywords which match their products and services, with the right keywords we can optimise individual web pages for their dedicated keywords to ensure the user is finding exactly what they are searching for on Google. 

After work on Friday a few of the team went for a drink, as it was Sara’s birthday earlier in the week. It was a good ending to an amazing first week, I already enjoy working here, I have learnt so much already, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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Originally posted June 25 2018


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